This is a DOG FRIENDLY Farm


Dog parents, please take note before arrival – 

1.      Your dogs must be updated with vaccinations and de-worming BEFORE arrival

2.      Please advise us beforehand what kind/specie of dog will be accompanying you. Ideally the farm stays are best to accommodate 2 medium dogs at the same time per unit. Remember there is a flight of stairs at the Tree House that is open at the back.

3.      The rate for dogs is R50 per dog per day

4.      Owners must bring all of their dog’s own bedding, sheets and cushions to sleep on - our beds and chairs are for humans. Also bring your dog’s own eating bowls etc.

5.      Remember the poop scoop and poop bags whilst visiting us MANY THANX. Over the fence is not okay as there are other dogs roaming about. There is a large black bin outside of each unit

6.      Should there be more than the usual cleaning required after your departure, please don’t be offended if I ask for an additional cleaning fee which will be calculated on that of 1 adult per day for every day

7.      We have 3 over friendly dogs ourselves that stay within the farmhouse camp during guest’s visits. Remember to ask if any of the other guests also brought their dogs

8.      Remember we defend our livestock on this farm from baboons and monkeys if necessary. Protect your dogs from them too! And tell us when you see them. So far keeping this type of wild life at bay, has been successful only because we are vigilant to watch

9.      Your dogs are welcome to accompany you on all of our trails and farm road IF they are under your control

10.  Your dogs are not allowed to hunt on this farm. They cannot hunt our free roaming sheep or cattle once off the leash and walking on the farm with supervision. Dogs are not allowed to penetrate the fences of our springbokkies who are about to give birth.  Dogs owners must be assured that their dogs will not attack any other guests and their pets, or our workers or my own dogs. Damages to livestock starts at R2000 per sheep

11.  Saying that, locking your animals up in the farm stay and leaving them behind while you are off, is not acceptable or recommended for any reason, unless a crises is at hand

12.  If there is an emergency, let us know on the spot

13.  If your dog has diarree, please let us know asap, we carry meds for that and need to contain it asap to stop it from spreading

14.  Please keep the garden gates closed so that the dogs can stay in and the live-stock out

15.  Excessive barking is a no-no

16.  The splash pool has fresh fountain water and you and your dogs can both enjoy it. We leave the water untreated and use it afterward in the garden. Please ask first if you want it topped up. We don’t want our water tanks emptied and create an unavoidable crises for a small thing like that

17.  HALT! You will not be allowed to take your pets through the ECPTA Nature Reserve from either gates - the east gate at Patensie/ Hankey /Loerie or from the Baviaanskloof’s side on the west

However, there are 2 other routes to consider –

(1)   The one that requires a proper 4 x 4 and off-road tires. This trail starts/ends in Kareedouw on the R62 in the Langkloof and stops/starts at Rus & Vrede Farm on the R332 close to the ECPTA’s west gate. Contact Chris Lamprecht 073 232 8932 to hear about fees etc

(2)   The other is a more even drive and I call it the scenic route from PE/Steytlerville. I send it as a separate attachment


After arrival on the farm 

We would like to make a quick visit to see you have settled in nicely


After departure – worst case scenario: an additional cleaning fee

We have debated this so many times and think it necessary to say it – should you need to leave and additional cleaning fee for re-instating the unit as it was before you arrived, please calculate it on 1 person’s rate per day

We so understand that you need all the help you can get! We love to be here for you and help you enjoy your stay thoroughly with your dogs. We have good cleaning standards and want to maintain it for all visitors as we pride ourselves in the comfort that receives guests alike

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